About Us

Gio Monaco came into being thanks to its founders’ deep-rooted passion for watches. This passion was rooted in the experience of their respective forefathers.

From the very beginning, the creative project was enlivened by passion, good taste and harmonious forms. Its collections represent the best of the latest world fashions in the sector. This is why the company found it easy to make a name for itself in the medium/high market segment very quickly; although this is the most demanding clientele, Gio Monaco was able to win it over immediately, from Europe to the Middle East, Eastern Europe, the United States and the Far East.

Gio Monaco is a modern company with deep roots, combining Swiss mechanical precision with good taste, careful colour selection with the use of the best materials, harmonious forms with the correct balance of precious stones, and meticulous laboratory tests with the selection of the most exclusive and prestigious distributors in the world.

The company’s name was inspired by the inventor of musical notes Guido Monaco patron saint of Arezzo. The name Guido was adjusted slightly in order to bring it up-to-date.

The origins of this small Tuscan city can be traced back to the Etruscans. Its medieval charm is still clearly visible and its narrow streets are still characterized by the irregular positioning of its stones long ago. It is a place where art has been given free rein, from the literature of Petrarch to the painting of Pier della Francesca. The scent of the past is in the air and winds its way through the streets like holy music. The late 13th century cathedral stands in the centre of the town and houses a great cultural heritage, featuring works by the best Sienese schools signed by talented sculptors such as Agostino di Giovanni and Agnolo di Ventura. The great Guido Monaco stayed in Arezzo in the late 10th century. Guido Monaco was a great scholar and wrote his works and taught in the town. It was there that he invented his musical notes.

We have dedicated Gio Monaco to this famous, highly intelligent figure.

Musical notes and the measurement of time constitute a winning duo, marking the harmony, melody and rhythm of our existence.